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All About OUR DOGS

Our exceptional dogs & puppies are each lovingly & individually custom trained to provide assistance to a child with specific needs.

What can our dogs do?

Our dogs are specially trained companions offering assistance to children with a wide variety of needs such as:

          Seizure Disorder
          Peanut Allergy
          Gluten Sensitivity
          Anxiety/Panic Disorders
          Brain Injury
          Deaf/Hard of Hearing
          Mobility Assistance
          Psychiatric & Emotional Disorders

Many of our service dogs are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, due to their extremely good nature, calm demeanor with children, joyful personality, and perfect size -- they are able to move through crowds but are still small enough to be easily carried.

We also offer a limited number of hypoallergenic dogs such as Havanese and Havenese blends for people with dog-related allergies.

We do occasionally offer larger breeds for children needing mobility help.

Our dogs can be trained to perform over 75 different tasks, depending on the specific needs of each child, and may include finding items, retrieving dropped items, tracking a lost child, pulling a wheelchair, turning on lights, alerting to oncoming seizures, alerting to low blood sugar during sleep, calming emotional or fearful children, sweeping a room for potential danger, and detecting peanut or gluten content in foods and surroundings.

Since we also rescue animals as part of our mission, we recruit shelter and rescue dogs whenever possible, however most of our dogs are specially bred for the purpose of being excellent companions and guides for children. While rescued dogs can make excellent service companions, the success rate is often 10% or below in most organizations primarily using rescued service dogs. The success rate of specially bred dogs is 90% or higher, which keeps our waiting list shorter and wait times to a minimum, as well as guaranteeing a companion with a predictable, loving, and generous temperament toward children and service work.

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We are an organization supported by donations and we are grateful for our wonderful volunteers!
To make a donation, foster a puppy, or to find out how to be part of our mission, visit I Want To Help
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